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Here comes "The New Era", so called "Next Generation High End Audio"accompanied with the appearances of "SACD" and "DVD Audio", where high quality audio sources than the traditional CD can be obtained in the market.  That has stimulated to the remarkable progress of audio equipment for this several years.

  The business environments, however, have been giving pressures to the developments of audio equipment at the standing points of "Securing Profit"and "Efficiency of Development" etc., as a result, these equipment have become majority in the marketplace nowadays.  "Securing Profit" is an important element, and influences the existence of the manufacturer which supplies hardware, of course. It can be said that the present stereo system market consists of the matter that "Greatest Common Divisor" like products are supplied by manufacturers to specify it for adaptable price range, consequently. Even if that is taken, such a kind of manufacturing by the reasons on the manufacturers' side have wide spread too much. For example, even sound quality deterioration is obvious, it is implemented into the products forcefully to the functions whose usage are very small, and it is thought that the products with "The Sound Quality Absence" are increasing not to make a minus factor on the catalog value. Originally a audio system is the territory of "The Taste", and there must be more varieties of the products. Actually many rich original products with the own personalities exist in the world. However, how do you like the products by the Japanese manufacturers? Not only it is very uniform but also it can feel that the most important philosophy is even forgotten as a stereo system manufacturer of "How deep does it make listener be impressed ?"

  A name with 'The Bridge Audio Laboratory' has been given to our company to concentrate on the products which give it to listeners by the higher impressive sound at newly penetrating into the existing industry. That it is not involved in the competition of numerical value in the specifications nor development of profit search type, it always stands up at the position on the listener's side, these are the belief of the founder of Hardware gives "The Bridge" between "Music" and "Listener", as is the name with the implication that the basic philosophy of the company was expressed into.

  The quality of sound is strictly related to total setting of stereo system even though a slight change is made.  A minor replacement cannot perform fully its original capability. There are many cases that the given performances of the machine can't show when a method to use even if the expensive machine, for example more than 10 thousands dollars priced, in an inadequate usage. In other words, it cannot perform less than half of the value of latency, either. These phenomena are well known by the people who have experiences of the world of the stereo system more often. There might be many cases to be perplexed in the customers' environments even though it was purchased with the deep considerations and the customers listened carefully in the environment of the store where the related equipment was well selected and tuned.

  An audio system can't be told only by the hardware aspect. We are sure that close relationship with the customer is kept and can share "The Impression of the Higher Sound Quality" by this "Bridge" which carries the taste of the audio which is our mutual property.

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Fumio Ohashi

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