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Phono Equraizer BEQ-1 coming soon
2017 Jan

Mr,Fumio Ohashi of BAlabo was Choiced 9 Great Designers
in ISS223 of TAS


・・・・・・ questions to nine
of the world’s top amplier designers.

JOHN CURL / Parasound, Constellation
LEW JOHNSON / conrad-johnson design
VLADIMIR LAMM / Lamm Industries
JEFF ROWLAND / Jeff Rowland Design



Best Sound of Showに選定しました。

アブソリュートサウンド誌、編集長ロバート・ハリー氏が当社製品を使用したデモンストレーションを2012CESのBest Sound of Showに選定しました



This exquisitely made, extremely powerful
(500Wpc) solid-state stereo power amp from
Japanese master-designer Fumio Ohashi
is as lovely to listen to as it is to behold. If
ravishing gorgeousness of tone color coupled
to outstanding resolution of detail, quick natural
transient response, and huge reserves of power
is your cup of Saki, you will have to look long and
hard to find an amp that sounds this lovely and
this lifelike. RH’s reference amp.

The third of JV’s “Top Three Solid-State Preamps.”
Like its companion power amp, the BP-1, the BC-1
“control amp” (linestage preamplifier) is among
the most beautiful pieces of electronics JV has
seen or heard. A little dark in overall balance
(rather like the MBL 6010 D), the BAlabo is simply
exquisite on tone colors, turning everything into
a shade of gorgeous without sacrificing any of
the speed or low-level detail of the real thing.
Wonderful grip and definition in the low bass,
too. Breathtakingly lovely and extremely high in
resolution, it is RH’s reference preamp.






CES2011 Demonstration booth

 The Room is Venetian 35-310 in 2011JAN6-9

We get the prize of TAS The Product Of The Year (Issue209)

BAlabo BC-1 MK-II
Solid-State Preamplifier of the Year
"No Electronics have captivated RH the way the BAlabo BC-1 MK-II (and companion BP-1 MK-II power amplifier) have. For starters the BC-1 MK-II's build quality is beyond belief, from its massive and heroic discrete resistor stepped attenuator to the bank vault feel of the volume control, to the machined and polished Corian casework. But the BAlabo goes beyond sheer sex appeal and enters the realm of musical performance that is unmatched in RH's experience. The BC-1 MK-II has a luscious rendering of timbre, with deeply saturated tone color and no trace of edge, glare or grain.Despite sounding extremely smooth and relaxed, the BC-1 MK-II gives up nothing in the resolution department. This preamp has a "roundness" of presentation that bears an uncanny resemblance to live music. Gorgeous without sounding colored, rich and ripe without a hint of euphony, the BC-1 MK-II is the finest preamplifier RH has heard, and eminently deserving of TAS's 2010 Sold-State Preamplifier of the Year honors."  
 - The Absolute Sound, January 2011

BAlabo BP-1 MK-II
Solid-State Power Amplifier of the Year

"This remarkable amplifier turns upside down the idea that an amplifier cannot be  both beautiful sounding and truthful to the source. The BP-1 MK-II's defining glory is its absence of electronic artifacts along with the sense that you are listening through the amplifier to the original musical event. The treble is astonishingly liquid, clean and free from the metallic patina that we've become inured to in lesser amplifiers.  The sound had a delicacy and refinement, yet an authoritative an seemingly limitless power. The BP-1 MK-II resolves information in a musical rather sonic way that is, the amplifier doesn't sound overly detailed, but when you sit down with it, a rich tapestry of musically natural detail unfolds before you. Add to these qualities the massive 500Wpc of output power (1000 Wpc into 4 ohms) and you have what in RH's experience the state of the art in power amplifiers."
- The Absolute Sound, January 2011

We get a good comments of Editorial by Robert Harley

Truth, Beauty and BAabo Electronics

Comments from Editorial by Robert Harley, Editor in Chief, The Absolute Sound December 2010, issue #208

... fully and utterly resolving of real musical information.

...reproduces strings with an unparalleled lushness and liquidity. will find yourself drawn into the music in a new way.

Their lack of artifacts, which is singular in my experience, fosters a sense of relaxation that allows the music to more fully express itself. can listen more deeply into the music.

...BAlabo electronics...come closer to the truth than any electronics I've heard. And that's what makes them so beautiful.

Detail Here

We get Editors Choice Awards

The Absolute Sound
Review in issue #201, March 2010

"I love the sound of the BAlabo gear."

"The BAlabo's midrange is ... a thing of utter beauty-so sweet, so finely detailed,
so rich and fully articulated, so much like the real thing."
"...the BC-1 and BP-1 are simply the best I've heard at controlling and articulating
the bass of the mighty Magico M5s."

"Hence, the BC-1 Mk-II and BP-1 Mk-II get my highest recommendation..
. Without question, they are the most consistently beautiful-sounding
electronics I've ever heard."
Jonathan Valin, Executive Editor, Absolute Sound

Detail here
The Absolute Sound and Hi-Fi+ Guide to Preamplifiers and Power Amplifiers

We get One Of Best Sound Of The Show 2010 prize and Best Design prize of Magagine Audio

Marc Philip, Editor-in-Chi
ef, Magazine Audio

"...this set was beautifully behaved, the dynamics of the subjective tone of voice,
everything was in place, though we could have been overwhelmed by
such an sizeable stature in front of us, so imposing and yet, fluid
and graceful, the sound was fine."

"Use whatever superlatives that comes to mind ...  this is no ordinary system.
 Please realize, how rare it is to visit exhibitors as well equipped, prepared and
coordinated as was the case here. I congratulate all those people involved who
have worked for years to get to this point...What you presented at CES 2010
was simply masterful."

We get Best of Show 2010 CES prizse by The Audio Beat

Marc Michelson, Editor in Chief,
The Audio Beat

Control, Power Amplifiers and DAC - BAlabo
  • Loudspeakers - Tidal Audio - Sunray
    Bi-amped with Tidal LPX active crossover
  • Interconnects and Speaker cable - Echole Cable
  • Power Cables - SensoryPower
  • Active Digital Cable- SensoryPower
  • Transport - Zanden 2000

"A pair of BAlabo BP-1 MK II stereo amps drove Tidal Sunray speakers,
producing such gorgeous tonality and copious physical presence that
we could have listened here for the entire afternoon."
"... the sheer beauty on display made this system memorable."

CES2010 Demonstration booth

The Room is Venetian 29-320 in 20101JAN7-10 
We get Best Sound of 2009 CES prizse by Stereo Times


""Best Sound at Show for me came - once again from the same room I voted for last year - the Perfect 8 / Bridge Audio Labs setup. ... the sound was so organic and tonally right, that I could see someone springing for them if money was absolutely no object. Bridge Audio Labs of Japan designs some very intriguing electronics that I think would rival almost anything out there in terms of its ultra-low noise floor and organic rightness: qualities that have earned my vote for a second straight year in a row! ...listening to a system this big and ostentatious, one expects much, yet this system delivers the goods - then some."

Clement Perry, Editor in Chief, StereoTimes

The introduction HiFi review issue272 in Homg Kong


2009CES Demonstration

A&V Festa 2008 in Japan demonstration

We get Best Sound of 2008 CES prizse by Stereo Times

"The system that pressed my sonic buttons the most was "The Force" dipole loudspeaker from Swedish manufacturer Perfect8 ... and the Japanese made Bridge Audio Labs linestage ... and stereo amplifier."

"Bridge Audio Labs' electronics ... physical look and sonic performance proved, in conjunction with "The Force" loudspeakers, revelatory to these ears. Very seldom have I been so taken by a product particularly under show conditions. Yet, this system, using a relatively affordable Accustic Arts standard CD player had me totally transfixed on its performance. Every single song I threw at this rig from my personal CD collection sounded harmonically as well as spatially remarkable. I could not find anything to fault with regard to "The Force" sonic capabilities...and of course ... those remarkable electronics from Bridge Audio Labs. Stunning."
Clement Perry, Editor in Chief, StereoTimes

" of the most audacious demos of the entire show. The room featured the Perfect 8 Technologies "The Force" loudspeakers ... and Bridge Audio Labs electronics."

"These gargantuan speakers were being driven by the equally massive and gorgeously built Bridge Audio Labs BP-1 MKII amplifier ... and BC-1 MKII control amp .... The really good news though, is that this system sounded absolutely spectacular! Sensory Power cables were used throughout."
Dave Thomas, StereoTimes

"I was stunned to hear utterly transparent sound, with the clarity and lucidity of the original Quad's midrange."

"Selecting "The Mooche" from Stereophile's Editor's Choice CD, I heard the best sound I've heard from all the different loudspeakers on which I have auditioned this recording."

"Switching to my current "Record to Die For," the Stravinsky's Rite of Spring with Esa-Pekka Salonen conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic (CD, DG 00289477 6198), this orchestral piece sound utterly clean, totally free from distortion, while exhibiting superb subtleties, particularly in the timbre of the woodwinds.:
Larry Greenhill, Stereophile

The demonstration of CES2008

We get Best of Show 2007 CES prizse by Absolute Sound

"...reached a level of realism from full orchestra to solo voice that I've simply never heard matched."

Jonathan Valin, Executive Editor, Absolute Sound

".. won my top honors for its extraordinary speed, transient authority, coherence, and ultimately for what is among the top few most convincing recreations of a symphony orchestra that I have ever heard."

Wayne Garcia, Editor, Absolute Sound

"...Overall, I have to pick the Model 6 (driven by BAlabo) for its stunningly low coloration, spectacular dynamic behavior, coherence, and lifelike immediacy."

Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief, Absolute Sound

The demonstration of CES2007

Raves at CES 2007
for overall system sound:

Main Components:

  • Magico Model 6 loudspeakers
  • BAlabo Control Amp BC-1 MK-II
  • BAlabo Power Amp BP-1 MK-II
  • Custom Technics tape deck by
    The Tape Project
  • MIT Oracle V1.1 MA speaker cables
  • Kosmos Solid Alloy Powercord

The demonstration of High end show in Hong Kong


A&V Festa 2006 in Japan demonstration



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