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Planning Concept
  Control Amplifier BC-1 is the first product developed by BAlabo. That is why we wanted this product to go down in history. Electronic products tend to aim for lighter and more compact. This is due to competition among manufacturers. The vast majority demand cost reduction and convenience. Yet, there are many areas that are compromised because of this. We ventured to go against this trend. We redefined what audio equipment for pleasure [as a hobby] should be, and decided to put in whatever possible at this time in developing BC-1. In such diversified modern society, we chose to be the minority. We believe that true enthusiasts will understand the value in this product that we have created with craftsmanship and passions of the artisan that, until recently, was only available in Japan now.

The most important features of this control amplifier are its volume control, function switching and high voltage operation. BC-1 is equipped with a very large switch-type attenuator with selectable resistors that achieves the highest results among currently existing audio equipment. In fact, this attenuator has been jointly developed with a switch manufacturer to offer complete anti-vibration measures on top of our unique technologies, including our custom resisters, to ensure high acoustic quality.

High voltage power supply drive is used in the electric circuit section to allow sounds to rise naturally. In order to achieve our priority in sound quality, the basic idea was to enhance the fundamental performance of circuits so that they can maintain the given level of performance rather than relying on (conventional) feedback circuits. Most of the components used in the signal circuits are also custom-made, which also contributes to our progress towards an unprecedented dimension of sound quality.

Structurally, the chassis has a mechanical earth construction, achieving resistance against external vibration. The chassis is sandwiched from above and below using vibration-proof composite material to absorb the vibration of the structure itself. This vibration-proof composite material is made by CNC process from board material to minimize the internal distortion of the material itself. The outer surface is then buffed manually to achieve reliable and refined appearance.

We believe that BC-1 is a now or never product. The manufacturing industry in Japan is still slow: entities moving out of Japan; electronic components manufacturers going out of business. Yet, there are still some things that can be done only in Japan. Perhaps the only way to guide our country in a better direction is to gather up our unique skills to create something of true value. Many components used in BC-1 are from areas that should be preserved. We hope that this product will trigger the reformation of Japan and prove that good products are universal throughout the ages.

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